Today In Data: Consumer Necessity Is The Mother Of Retail Innovation

Everyone is looking for more these days: more sales, more experiences, more commerce touchpoints, more security, more seamlessness. Consumers want faster authentication methods, buyers want to onboard more suppliers faster and businesses want more incentives to keep good employees. Wanting more is easy, but providing more is harder – particularly as the technological requirements behind “more” become increasingly complex. But as digital identities become more central, necessity has a way of forcing innovations, particularly in a “more is more” type of world.


87 percent: Share of workers under 30 who report their average job tenure is less than five years.

68 percent: Share of people who have used voice authentication who prefer it for its security.

47 percent: Share of consumers who would like a faster authentication process.

25 percent: Share of employees who regularly travel for work.

16: The average number of days it takes a buyer to onboard a supplier.