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Matching Retail And Payment Perceptions To Realities

There are many things modern consumers perceive as true, even when they aren’t. One might be tempted to think cash is on the ropes in the age of digital, when the truth is cash is still very much king in some places, and continues to grow (even as it loses market share). One might assume every business that wants to innovate around payments is doing so – but actually, in some verticals, those innovations are harder than others. One might think they would die without a daily Facebook check-in – but more than a quarter of their business among adults has signed off without ill effect. And the assumption is that physical retail strength is all about new and fancy, but TJX shows you can do the same thing for a long time – if you do it well.


$1.4 trillion: The projected value of payments done in cash in the Middle East by 2021.

81 percent: Share of travel businesses worldwide planning for payments innovation in the next three years.

60 percent: Share of South Africa’s GDP that is accounted for by cash.

26 percent: Share of U.S. consumers who have deleted the Facebook app from their phones.

16: The number of consecutive quarters of growth logged by TJX.


Latest Insights: 

Our data and analytics team has developed a number of creative methodologies and frameworks that measure and benchmark the innovation that’s reshaping the payments and commerce ecosystem. The July 2019 Pay Advances: The Gig Economy’s New Normal, a PYMNTS and Mastercard collaboration, examines pay advances – full or partial payments received before an ad hoc job is completed – including how gig workers currently use them and their potential for future adoption.


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