Digital Payments, Connected Commerce And The Need For Speed

Faster Digital Payments And Connected Commerce

For consumers, and increasingly for businesses, speed is coveted when it comes to payments. That’s especially true as transactions are done in bits and bytes – increasingly so – and at all hours of the day. Any number of “faster” rails are coming online through the next several months. Far-flung systems, and many ways to get there – but the end goal is to have payments settle instantly or in real time. For the connected consumer, connected commerce will be 100 percent digital, especially as the bridge millennials wield spending power across the next several decades.


56: Number of real-time payments systems slated to be live or underway by 2020.

$2,225: The amount bridge millennials spend, on average, on annual retail purchases.

90 percent: The share of retail sales that the Census estimates happen at the physical store.

26 percent: The number of regulatory bodies that the Financial Stability Board estimates have clear definitions of FinTech lending in place.

$2.4 trillion: The value of the leveraged loan market, as estimated by the FSB.