Today In Data: The Global Digital Commerce Reset

Today in Data: Global Digital Commerce

With the new year now up and running, it’s becoming obvious that a few big sea changes are underway. Physical retail, as we knew it, is looking pretty dead. But the path to financial inclusion in the developing world is alive, well and widening. The connected car ecosystem is not quite ready to roll just yet – but the signs that it is the shape of things to come for 135 million American consumers is becoming undeniable. It seems in 2019, the more things seem the same on the surface, the more they are changing under the hood.


725 million: The number of people in Africa carrying a mobile device as of 2019.

$230 billion: The amount commuters spend annually during their daily commutes.

81.2 percent: The amount of commerce that happens in the physical store according to the Census (after removing car, gas and restaurant spending from the averages).

40 percent: Share of consumers who shopped on Black Friday from their couch.

18 months – 3 years: The amount of time Visa estimates it will take connected cars to spin into high gear.