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In The Dark About GDPR’s SCA?

In The Dark About GDPR’s SAC?

Strong customer authentication (SCA) looms on the horizon for businesses based in Europe. The latest PSD2 Tracker shows that a majority of European citizens are aware of GDPR – and the reverse seems true here in the States. Yet online commerce is indeed about to usher in a sea change in how companies deal with security and privacy, as similar laws may span the globe in the coming months.


67 percent: Share of citizens aware of GDPR

84 percent: Share of U.S. corporate employees who have never heard of GDPR

60 percent: Share of the world’s population that will be covered by GDPR or similar rules by next year

$57 billion: Amount European firms could lose due to SCA

38 percent: Share of security professionals who believe GDPR has hurt cybersecurity projects at their organizations