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Today In Data: Aligning Expectations In The New Year

Aligning Retail Expectations in the New Year

When customers and those that fulfill their needs are in alignment, all is right with the commerce world. Unfortunately, sometimes things get a little out of whack, with customers going one way and retail managers going another. Observable particularly in physical retail and QSR dining, misaligned expectations have been popping up a lot lately. For some firms, Apple in particular, that is taking a bite out of expectations and investor confidence. For other firms, security specialists spring to mind, raising the bar on vigilance and pushing the pace of innovation.


75 percent: Share of QSR managers that view Amazon Pay favorably.

67 percent: Share of QSR managers who complain that debit payments take too long.

20 percent: Share of Apple’s revenue that came from China as of 2015.

18 percent: Share of Apple sales from China as of the most recent quarter.

3 years: The longest time period the team at DataVisor has ever seen fraudsters sit on an open fraudulent account without making use of it.


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