Satisfying The Hunger For Food Delivery

Satisfying The Hunger For Food Delivery

No one likes to be hangry – that uncomfortable feeling of anger mixed with hunger. It’s a common feeling when you’re left waiting for the pizza, salad or tacos to be delivered. Technology to the rescue, as evidenced in the Order to Eat Tracker. Quick-service restaurants and fast casual establishments are continuing to offer ways to order online – and track deliveries online – while also offering loyalty rewards in the process. Order volumes are up 130 percent as measured between 2016 to 2018, indicating that the appetite for delivery is only increasing.


$62 billion: Projected value of online restaurant delivery sales by 2022.

$25 billion: Value of online restaurant delivery sales as measured in 2019.

90 percent: Share of consumers unwilling to wait longer than 10 minutes for food ordered via mobile app.

23 percent: Projected share of U.S. smartphone users who will use food delivery apps by 2023.

60 percent: Portion of consumers who want order tracking capabilities with their food deliveries.