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It’s no secret that Amazon likes to keep customers within its ecosystem, no matter the cost, and the voice-activated Alexa has proven perfectly suited to the task so far. With Prime Day just around the corner, Amazon is making sure that the Alexa experience is sticky enough to keep even the most fickle shopper coming back for more.

To drum up more buzz around its July 12 online sale extravaganza, Amazon has announced a number of deals exclusive to consumers that place orders through their Alexa devices. While there are a number of specific deals — such as $15 off a drone and $35 off a kitchen press — Amazon is also giving away $10 to each shopper’s first order of $20 or more through Alexa if placed before Prime Day.

Amazon has taken pains in the past to make the shopping experience of its voice-activated device as seamless as possible, but outside rarely offered deals on other devices in the Alexa family, it’s never tried to promote the device as the go-to choice of the smart and frugal shopper.

Whether those frugal shoppers are in the mood to buy kitchen appliances sight unseen without doing some non-voice-activated research remains to be seen, but at least it’s less of a financial commitment to tell Alexa to pull the trigger.


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