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Supply Chain Data Suggests Coming iPhone Rebound

After grim predictions from Apple’s supply chain kicked off a widespread panic that the iPhone is headed for a downturn, it seems some new information might just take some of the sting out of that news.

Forecast trends in the demand for flexible PCB (printed circuit board) parts for iPhones indicate — despite down sales in the first six months in the year — that the iPhone might be heading for a rebound as summer gets underway and the next-gen models get under production.

According to DigiTimes, supply chain sources were looking at June or July for the pick up. The whole year picture, however, isn’t all that rosy, FPCB will net decline year-over-year.

The supply chain update comes following Apple’s first ever iPhone sales decline announcement during the earnings call for the first quarter of the year (where only slight growth was on evidence) — a situation the firm is attributing to global volatility eating into Apple’s bottom line.

Analysts nonetheless remain concerned that iPhone as a product has seen its peak, which means Apple’s dominant position is less assured since the vast bulk of its revenue comes via that product.