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Amazon Entertainment
Amazon Music Hits 55M Streaming Subscribers
January 22, 2020

Amazon Music has been steadily gaining in popularity despite only being around since 2016, a full two years after Apple debuted its own music service. The streaming service has passed the 55 million subscriber mark, making it a serious threat to Apple’s service, according to...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon Streaming Gain Comes Amid Bigger Industry Changes
January 06, 2020

2020 is supposed to be a year for streaming services, given the emerging and revised options out there, as well as the cultural trend of consumers cutting the cord in hopes of saving money and paying only for TV content they truly want. And new...

Amazon Entertainment
Apple TV Users Can Now Stream Amazon Music
October 10, 2019

Amazon Music is now available on Apple TV in 13 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, as reported on Thursday (Oct. 10). Supporting one another’s streaming services indicates that friction between two rivals has been somewhat alleviated. The app can be paired through a...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon’s Shows Lure Millions To Prime, Internal Documents Show
March 15, 2018

Amazon’s bet on video content appears to be paying off, with its leading shows bringing in more than 5 million people to Prime by the early part of last year. Citing company documents obtained by Reuters, the news service reported that Amazon’s audience in the...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon Expands Streaming Programming With CBS Partnership
January 08, 2018

Star Trek fans can now stream their favorite show on Amazon Channels thanks to a new deal just announced between Amazon and CBS, reports TechCrunch. The new series, “Star Trek: Discovery,” is hosted by CBS on its All Access over-the-top streaming service. CBS All Access...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon Lowers Price Of 4K Videos To Compete With Apple
September 26, 2017

Amazon has reportedly significantly reduced the price for 4K movies in order to stay competitive with Apple TV 4K, according to a news report. On the heels of unveiling its latest iPhones earlier this month, Apple announced Apple TV 4K, in which it will sell...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon Interested In Streaming Content On Cable Boxes
March 10, 2017

Fresh off its Academy Award wins, Amazon announced that it is interested in potential deals for streaming content through cable boxes, according to Bloomberg Technology. “Amazon is definitely open to those partnerships, and to be fair, we haven’t done as much there as Netflix have done,” Alex...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon Arranges The Pieces Of A Content Marketplace Puzzle
July 18, 2016

There’s no telling whether the hordes of Pokémon GO players will last beyond the game’s current 15 minutes of fame — or winter temperatures, for starters — but if there’s any truism to come out of the frenzy retailers have whipped themselves into trying to...

Amazon Entertainment
Amazon’s Unusual Brand Of Celebrity Endorsements
May 27, 2016

Sometimes, the money that athletes and celebrities pull in through endorsement deals can dwarf whatever money they make doing whatever it was that made them famous. Thanks to Amazon, whatever money the country’s best spellers get from correctly identifying the silent letters in Latin-rooted words...