Digital Identity

Digital Identity
EU Continues Testing Digital Identity Wallets
June 23, 2024

The European Union (EU) is getting closer to rolling out its digital identity wallet. As the European Commission (EC) noted on its website recently, the wallet “will be a secure and easy way for European citizens, residents and businesses to prove who they are when...

Digital Identity
Mastercard and African Development Bank Group to Provide Digital Identities
May 24, 2024

Mastercard and the African Development Bank Group formed an alliance to provide digital access to critical services to 100 million people and businesses in Africa over the next 10 years. The first efforts of the organizations’ Mobilizing Access to the Digital Economy (MADE) Alliance: Africa will include providing digital identities and access...

Digital Identity
Digital ID Startup Humanity Protocol Valued at $1 Billion
May 15, 2024

Decentralized identity startup Humanity Protocol said it is now a $1 billion company. The firm announced the private valuation in a Wednesday (May 15) blog post as it revealed the completion of a $30 million seed round. The company said the funding will help it challenge Sam Altman’s Worldcoin and accelerate hiring and...

Digital Identity
Digital Birth Certificates Expand Range of Paperless IDs in Connected Economy
April 21, 2024

You’ve likely heard of digital driver’s licenses, digital passports, and digital IDs. Now, digital birth certificates are emerging as the latest addition to the digital identity landscape, offering a glimpse into the future of identification and authentication. An ongoing pilot program in New South Wales (NSW) in Australia...

Digital Identity
How Solving for Digital ID Acceptance Could Transform Digital Payments
February 27, 2024

In today’s increasingly digital world, it has gotten to the point where the physical wallet’s main purpose is becoming just to carry physical ID cards. But, as the rest of the world goes digital, why haven’t IDs followed? The answer lies in a mix of...

Digital Identity
Virtual Student IDs Enhance Connected Campus Experience With Added Security, Convenience
January 08, 2024

The pandemic’s push towards online learning not only accelerated the integration of online payment platforms and cashless transactions in higher education but also catalyzed the broader transformation of the connected campus.  This shift has prompted colleges and universities to invest significantly in automation and advanced mobile systems,...

Digital Identity
Intellicheck Debuts Updates for Digital Identity Verification Tools
January 04, 2024

Identity verification company Intellicheck has rolled out enhancements for digital users of its identity platform. “Clients integrating the new Capture process can be up and running with no more than two simple web hooks,” the company said in a Thursday (Jan. 4) news release. “The new digital authentication experience...

Digital Identity
Visa and Tech5 Partner to Promote Digital ID-Based Payments
December 21, 2023

Visa has teamed with biometrics firm TECH5 to help build “digital government ecosystems on a global scale.” The partnership will involve the two companies working to “implement digital ID-based payment infrastructure and services on a national level,” Visa CEMEA Head of Commercial and Money Movement Solutions Shahebaz Khan said in a...

Digital Identity
Confirm Launches Portable Identity Solution for Use in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces
December 13, 2023

Confirm launched a portable identity solution designed for use in online peer-to-peer marketplaces. The solution allows people to create a secure, verified digital ID called a ConfirmID that they can use to prove their identity online without sharing too much personal information, the company said...