Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding
Digital Onboarding Raises $58 Million to Help Banks Engage Customers
January 18, 2024

Digital Onboarding has secured a $58 million growth investment from equity firm Volition Capital to expand its digital engagement platform for banks and credit unions. This investment comes at a time when financial institutions are increasingly seeking digital solutions to enhance customer engagement and drive product adoption,...

Digital Onboarding
‘Trusted’ Data Sets Take Fraud Out of Online Onboarding Processes
December 16, 2022

When it comes to a user-friendly experience, online onboarding processes play a key role. Not only in keeping things flowing smoothly but also by providing peace of mind by addressing customers’ increased fraud and risk concerns. For organizations, meeting that expectation begins with the onboarding...

Digital Onboarding
PNC Bank and Blend Team on Digital Mortgage User Experience
September 27, 2022

PNC Bank will partner with cloud banking software company Blend, in order to digitize the mortgage application process, a press release said. Customers will now be able to apply digitally for a mortgage and import bank or payroll information, through providing the right credentials. The...

Digital Onboarding
NMI, IRIS CRM Debut Faster Merchant Processing
August 23, 2022

Merchant management platform IRIS CRM and its parent NMI have unveiled updates to their payment gateway boarding integration. According to a Tuesday (Aug. 23) news release, these updates will “consolidate workflows and greatly reduce time to processing for merchants, making it the first and only...

Digital Onboarding
Uganda-Based Customer Onboarding Platform Laboremus Receives Expansion Funding
May 29, 2022

Uganda-based B2B FinTech Laboremus, which enables customer onboarding, has gotten funding to help it expand its product offerings, a press release said Friday (May 27). The companies providing the funding are DOB Equity and FCA Investments. Laboremus’ work involves a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which helps FinTechs...

Digital Onboarding
Czech Security Firm Avast to Acquire Digital ID Company SecureKey 
March 24, 2022

Global digital security and privacy firm Avast is planning to acquire digital identity and authentication company SecureKey Technologies for undisclosed terms, according to a press release on Thursday (March 24).  SecureKey offers next-generation privacy-enhancing services that focus on streamlining access to online services while ensuring...

Digital Onboarding
As Banks Go Digital, Onboarding Can Still Feel Analog
March 21, 2022

The pandemic changed the way we do banking for good. It’s not just about the shift to a more digital form of banking. The pandemic also made things more competitive as an array of FinTechs and online platforms arrived to offer customers increasingly innovative financial...

Digital Onboarding
Nevada Greenlights Cashless Registration, Remote ID Verification
January 21, 2022

Nevada gamblers can now remotely establish and fund cashless gaming accounts before heading to casinos following a regulation change unanimously approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission during a hearing in Las Vegas, according to a Thursday (Jan. 20) press release. “We balance the need for...

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: What New Digital Bank Customers Expect From Their Onboarding Experiences
June 01, 2021

Generation Z consumers are well-known as tastemakers when it comes to pop culture, music and fashion, and their influence is quickly expanding to the financial industry as many begin to seek out banks for the first time. Most of these consumers prefer to bank with...