Digital Onboarding

Deep Dive: Gig Economy Onboarding And The Push For Faster Payments
April 01, 2019

Digital solutions have made their way into the gig economy, with more workers than ever utilizing digital marketplaces that pair companies with talent from around the world. These days, however, gig jobs don’t just encompass rideshare drivers, home renters or handymen on popular platforms like...

Digital Onboarding
How Securely Onboards Global Employers And Gig Workers
March 29, 2019

Onboarding employers and freelancers worldwide onto gig marketplaces, swiftly and safely, is complicated stuff — but platform user bases can help, CEO Matt Barrie tells PYMNTS. In this month’s Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker, Barrie explains how review systems and fraud-reporting channels help the platform...

Digital Onboarding
How Filters Fraudsters From Freelancers
March 28, 2019

As major rideshare companies compete for even greater shares of the market, they’re placing a heavy focus on fine-tuning onboarding processes. Making it easy for both drivers and riders to join the app is key to quickly expanding user bases, but this speed cannot be...

Digital Onboarding
How Cannabis Merchants Seek To Clear the Online Sales Haze
March 01, 2019

One-click ordering in the Amazon age has made consumers impatient for their products. When it comes to subscribing for new services, that behavior hasn’t changed. Customers want to input their personal details and payment credentials, sign up, place their order quickly and move on. That...