Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding
New Report: Universities’ Digital Onboarding Orientation
September 14, 2020

Universities are still adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic’s wide-ranging effects on educational systems across the United States. Remote learning has become a much larger part of student life since the health crisis began, and this is bringing up a host of challenges that colleges must...

Digital Onboarding
New Data: Three-Quarters Of US Consumers Show Concerns About Using Face ID When Opening Accounts...
September 10, 2020

Consumers’ interactions with their financial institutions (FIs) are turning increasingly digital. Almost two-thirds have used digital methods to open accounts in the past year, for example, and more than half would use them for future account openings. This trend is prompting many FIs to search...

Digital Onboarding
HSBC Enlists Biometrics Provider Mitek For International Onboarding App
September 03, 2020

Multinational bank HSBC has selected Mitek to provide biometric identification services for U.S. premier checking account customers, according to a report from Biometric Update. Mitek will be helping with the latest version of HSBC’s international client onboarding app. With Mitek Mobile Verify, the account onboarding...

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: Why Address Verification Lags Can Tank The Digital Onboarding Experience
August 13, 2020

Incorrect or late deliveries can frustrate consumers, especially in a climate in which home-delivered goods reliance skyrocketed so highly that one-day delivery quickly became a foregone dream. Supplying correct address details had always been important prior to the pandemic, but the effects of inaccurate information...

Digital Onboarding
How The Pandemic Is Making Robust Address Verification Critical For eCommerce Platforms
August 12, 2020

Delivering packages to the wrong address leaves customers frustrated, and sours eCommerce platforms' efforts to optimize their onboarding and checkout experiences, says Rodrigo Rodríguez of Latin American eCommerce marketplace Linio. In the latest Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker®, Rodríguez discusses how address verification application programming interfaces...

Digital Onboarding
Report: Address Verification APIs Fix eTailers’ Last-Mile Problem
August 11, 2020

Consumers are flocking to digital channels during the current COVID-19 pandemic, an ever expanding volume that is challenging merchants to keep up. These customers want to be able to complete their transactions as quickly as possible, meaning the onboarding process must be swift and seamless...

Digital Onboarding
Data Unlocks Digital Onboarding For A Real Estate Recovery
July 14, 2020

With existing home sales tumbling by almost 27 percent in May 2020 year over year, the pandemic has walloped real estate on several fronts and like few other sectors. The Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker® done in collaboration with Melissa, shines a light on the innovation...

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: How Real Estate Firms Can Eliminate Onboarding Frictions With Fresh Data
July 13, 2020

The real estate industry faced severe economic damage at the beginning of the pandemic. Potential homebuyers backed away because of rising costs, unemployment and health concerns, with April data showing that property sales in the U.S. declined 17.8 percent from March and 20 percent year...

Digital Onboarding
How Self-Serve Onboarding Is Powering Real Estate Deals
July 10, 2020

The pandemic has fundamentally changed all aspects of real estate, and time-consuming procedures like onboarding and ID verification for prospective buyers and sellers that were done manually must now be handled digitally, says Colin Wiel, chief technology officer at property-management firm Mynd. In the latest...