Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding
Digital Consumer Onboarding Dines On Data
April 23, 2020

Onboarding has always been important, but amid COVID-19-induced chaos its criticality has become absolute, as hundreds of millions of people and businesses request trillions of dollars in financial assistance from federal and state sources. Meanwhile, the fraud opportunities created by current conditions are potentially staggering....

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: The Need For Real-Time Data To Keep Onboarding Fast And Secure
April 22, 2020

Onboarding is typically the first interaction customers have with financial institutions (FIs), which leaves a lot riding on the process. Banks are jostling for space in the market because an expanding number of FinTechs and large-scale technology companies are competing for the same set of...

Digital Onboarding
Behind Quontic Bank’s Data-Driven Approach To Faster Onboarding
April 21, 2020

With 48 percent of the money pocketed by fraudsters coming from funds stolen from day-old accounts, secure customer onboarding is more critical than ever. In the new Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker, Patrick Sells, Chief Innovation Officer of Quontic Bank, discusses why cross-referencing information from large...

Digital Onboarding
Securing The Bank’s Digital Front Door
April 20, 2020

Financial institutions (FIs) are familiar with the challenges of pairing customer satisfaction with security, a balancing act that becomes crucial when onboarding customers. Maintaining digital onboarding experiences that allow customers to access their accounts with ease is essential for competing banks, but to do so,...

Digital Onboarding
Why Innovation Acceleration Matters
October 09, 2019

Innovation has become such a buzzword that it can be applied to countless solutions and initiatives, from emerging 5G mobile technology and the rise of “smart factories” to using blockchain to trace and track food supply chains to deploying kiosks to personalizing the ordering experience....

Digital Onboarding
 As Supply Chains Enter Digital Age, Onboarding Plays Catch Up
August 14, 2019

Supplier onboarding has its own set of challenges (and opportunities) as supply chains get longer and need more documentation. Julien Nadaud, senior vice president of innovation at Corcentric, tells PYMNTS that making the switch from manual processes to digitized, automated functions saves money and time...

Deep Dive: How Online Gaming Platforms Can Fight Fraudsters, Customer Defection
April 24, 2019

Online gaming and gambling platforms provide engaging and enticing experiences for users, but their efforts are shattered if clunky onboarding practices stand in the way. This means they must ensure the entire process is simple, smooth and speedy to maintain customers’ interest.  According to a...

How DraftKings Keeps Onboarding Security Swift And Out Of Sight
April 23, 2019

The $7.2 billion fantasy sports market has fraudsters doing more than fantasizing about big payouts. Jennifer Aguiar, DraftKing’s VP of compliance and risk, says online betting platforms must keep onboarding frictionless for legit players, while making it harder for bad actors to play. In this...

Digital Onboarding
DraftKings Throws Fraudsters Curveballs: Here’s How
April 22, 2019

An increasing number of customers want to onboard with retailers and banks through their mobile phones, putting greater pressure on businesses to provide robust, digital know your customer (KYC) checks and other security measures. However, these companies must keep their onboarding processes swift and intuitive,...