Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: Using Phone Verification And Text Messaging For Secure Checkouts
November 26, 2020

Many banks, utility companies and government agencies have been leveraging two-factor authentication (2FA) for several years. This process requires consumers to provide not only their usernames and passwords to access services, but also an additional form of verification such as a biometric identifier or a...

Digital Onboarding
Embr Labs On Driving Customer Engagement, Checkout Conversion With SMS Services
November 25, 2020

SMS-based communication is a valuable tool for everything from onboarding verification to customer outreach, but one that just 39 percent of merchants use today. Sam Shames, co-founder and chief operating officer of wearable technology startup Embr Labs, explains the value of using SMS services to...

Digital Onboarding
New Report: SMS-Based Outreach Helps Merchants Authenticate Consumers, Boost Online Sales
November 24, 2020

Businesses and financial institutions (FIs) are constantly examining ways to make their customers’ accounts more secure, especially as more consumers go online to make purchases and transact during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is leading many to utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) methods to safeguard customers’...

Digital Onboarding
Digital Onboarding Maturing With Email’s Help
October 12, 2020

Startling new technologies from mobile to cloud are revolutionizing identity verification during the mass migration to digital everything. That’s great, but it’s not always the ideal solution. Sometimes, mature and proven ways beat new and shiny. Email is an ideal example of this. “The role...

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: Why Robust Email Verification Is The First Fraud Barrier For Consumer Onboarding
October 09, 2020

Fraudsters are possibly the only ones relishing the changes wrought by the ongoing pandemic. The reverberating economic uncertainty and drastic shifts the pandemic has brought upon most industries have handed cybercriminals unique and multiplying opportunities to enact new and improved schemes. One study on six...

Digital Onboarding
How Dosh Is Tapping 2FA, Email Verification To Keep Onboarding Seamless
October 08, 2020

Today’s online consumers don’t expect to have to choose between speed and security. In the latest Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker, Ryan Wuerch, CEO and founder of cash-back platform Dosh explains how pairing familiar authentication tools, such as email and text-based verification, can help retailers keep...

Digital Onboarding
Report: Dosh CEO On Giving Online Shoppers Safety And Speed At Sign-Up
October 07, 2020

Higher volumes of consumers are continuing to shop online even as brick-and-mortar stores reopen. Businesses and financial institutions (FIs) are following suit, reordering their products and services for a new digital normal — but unfortunately, fraudsters are tagging along. The expansion of digital banking and payments...

Digital Onboarding
Deep Dive: How College Onboarding Is Getting A Remote Push During The Pandemic
September 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic’s negative effects are hitting almost every sector, and higher education is no exception. Many colleges and universities are scrambling to reconfigure classes and have been forced to utilize overwhelmed video platforms and digital learning tools, for example. Student admission and onboarding processes...

Digital Onboarding
West Virginia University On Transitioning New Student Onboarding To An Online Future
September 15, 2020

Onboarding new U.S. university students is taking on a whole new level of complexity in the pandemic era, as once in-person activities like finalizing financial aid or housing have transitioned online, says Corey Farris, dean of students at West Virginia University. In the latest Digital...