Mobile Financial Services and the Emerging Global Middle Class
January 08, 2012

How Mobile Technology Is Broadening Financial Access in Less-Developed Countries While Driving Business Opportunities for Global Companies I. Introduction   Access to financial services is a major challenge for more than half the world’s population. In less-developed countries, 70 percent of the population has little...

Mobile Payments in the Philippines: Future Opportunities for Growth
January 08, 2012

We often hear that M-PESA was able to scale quickly because it targeted an unmet need: urban to rural remittances. Safaricom based the initial launch of the M-PESA service on the “send money home” proposition because a large proportion of split families in Kenya needed...

Mobile Payments: Time to Consider the Regulatory Landscape
January 08, 2012

The global mobile payment market is poised to explode over the next few years. One report predicts it will quadruple by 2014, reaching $630 billion in value.[i] According to this report, the growth across all market segments is being driven by the wide adoption of...

Addressing Card Skimming at the Point of Sale―PCI and EMV Chip Technology
January 08, 2012

Introduction Have you received a call recently from your credit or debit card issuer asking you to verify suspicious transactions, only then learning that your card data was compromised and used to make payments that you didn’t authorize? Or, even worse, have you found strange-looking...

Handicapping PayPal and Google in the Mobile Transaction Platform Race
January 08, 2012

Ah, September! It’s the beginning of fall: back to school, football, sweaters here in Boston, and now apparently, the race to the physical point of sale – mobile payments style. PayPal let the world in on its mobile payments vision two weeks ago at an...

Making Consumers Pay More for Cards Will Dampen Payments Innovation
January 08, 2012

A famous American philosopher by the name of Yogi Berra once said that it’s tough to make predictions—especially about the future. And of course any economist worth their salt knows that you should never make forecasts that can be disproved in your own lifetime. (I...