Consumer Authentication

Using Online, Social Data To Make ‘Thin Files’ Thick
April 27, 2016

Can using online and social data give consumers without a significant credit history better odds of having their identity verified? Socure sure thinks so. And it has the predictive data model and a 98.8 percent success rate to prove it.

The Two Faces Of Digital Identity Authentication
April 20, 2016

There are two primary concerns in the payments industry’s quest to achieve effective security and fraud protection: businesses’ own data, and the digital identity of consumers. Sunil Madhu, Founder and CEO of Socure, discusses with MPD CEO Karen Webster a methodology that can address both...

Consumer Authentication
FIDO Biometric Authentication Products Hit New Milestone
April 05, 2016

The FIDO Alliance has certified over 150 biometric and second-factor authentication products, showing an increase of 50 percent over the course of just one quarter. In a press release on Monday (April 4), the alliance noted significant growth in the Asia-Pacific region, which highlights increased...

An eBay First: FIDO’s eCom Certification
March 30, 2016

EBay is opening up, as it were, to the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance — marking a first for any eCommerce company. The online marketplace announced yesterday (March 29) that it has directly achieved FIDO certification, as well as open-sourced a FIDO UAF authentication server and...