Paytronix Shares Customer Outreach Practices For Businesses

Paytronix Shares Customer Outreach Practices For Businesses

Customer engagement and loyalty company Paytronix is sharing helpful business practices to use to reach out to customers during the coronavirus outbreak in a blog post.

“Right now, use your loyalty resources to connect with both existing and potential customers, regardless of whether they are loyalty program members,” Paytronix said. “Let them all know if you are open and to what extent. Are you open only for takeout or do you offer ordering and delivery? How about curbside pickup? While your loyalty program has always been a great communications channel for reaching your best customers, consider taking your campaigns into new channels.”

The company used Primanti Bros., a Pittsburgh-based sandwich restaurant, as an example. Primanti took a reward usually reserved for loyalty members — two sandwiches for $10 — and put it on all of its social channels to help business.

“Catering may be on hold for now, but individuals and families that are stuck at home want an alternative to their dwindling pantry fare,” the blog post stated. “It’s important to know who these customers are so that you can segment and target them with relevant offers. For instance, come up with an offer of sandwiches and soda for families stuck at home and another offer, like six-packs to go, for the millennials and Gen Xers who are confined to apartments.”

Paytronix said some companies are getting about 30 percent of revenue from third-party delivery services, and although the charges seem expensive, some companies are able to negotiate lower fees during the crisis.

“Finally, be open to customer feedback,” Paytronix said. “If customers are calling and asking about redemption dates, it’s important to reassure them that their rewards will be honored. In fact, many brands are reviewing redemption dates and extending them from 90 to 120 days. If your customers are responding to your Facebook promotions, thank them for ordering with you and for their continued support of your brand. Tell them that you look forward to seeing them again.”



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