Uber Recovers, Instacart Slips in Latest Gig Economy App Ranking


Leading contract employment apps are wavering in PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps.

Some category leaders regained ground lost last time, while others slipped further. Meanwhile, in the lower ranks of the top 10, some players have pulled way ahead, suggesting that the category leaders may need to watch their backs.

The Top 5

Uber Driver holds steady at No. 1, its score returning to 95 after falling briefly to 93.

Similarly, DoorDash at No. 2 regained a point, its score rising to 93.

Instacart, however, may have kept its No. 3 spot, but its score continues to decline, falling from 84 to 82.

Fiverr held its recently gained place at No. 4, its score rising three points to 75, and this time the app is tied for its spot with previous fifth-place pick Amazon Flex, whose score rose six points from last time’s 69.

Grubhub rose one spot to No. 5, its score dipping one point to 62.

The Top 10

Upwork was also bumped up a spot to No. 6, its score similarly declining by one to 61.

TaskRabbit was upgraded from eighth place to No. 7, its score falling one to 55.

Lyft also rose one spot and lost one point at No. 8 with a score of 53.

Freelancer too hopped up a spot to No. 9, its score rising to 48.

Wonolo joined the top 10 ranking, squeaking by with just 36 points, closing out the list at No. 10 for this month’s Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps.