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Internet of Things Tracker: Forget Letters To Santa — Smart Billboards Know What You Want

Connectivity is expanding from mobile devices to surrounding infrastructure and vehicles. This includes traffic lights that can communicate with cars and coffee cups that can act as wallets. At the same time, this new era of connectivity is also allowing infrastructure to learn the habits and patterns of consumers to help companies make more informed marketing decisions.

What’s happening across the world of IoT

The Internet of Things is rapidly expanding with everyday objects evolving to offer more connectivity. The December edition of the Internet of Things Tracker™ looks at how connectivity is expanding into everything from traffic lights and cars to coffee cups and soda bottles.

Several companies have introduced new innovations that are changing everyday items into connected devices. Australian company Optus, for example, unveiled a new reusable “smart” cup, which will allow coffee store customers to pay for their orders, while OTI released a connected ring that can make digital payments. Even Coca-Cola is introducing more connectivity to its products by introducing a selfie bottle that snaps a photo and shares it to social media.

The expansion of IoT connectivity also continues in the automotive industry as more connectivity is introduced to vehicles and supporting infrastructure. Nissan is offering a connected device to helps its consumers stay on top of their vehicle’s health. Meanwhile, Las Vegas has been selected by Audi as the testing ground for smart city technology that will allow the city’s traffic infrastructure to communicate with Audi vehicles.

Smart billboards are getting to know consumers

Traffic lights are not the only types of infrastructure that are becoming more connected in the IoT environment. Once-static billboards are also becoming more connected and are gaining a better understanding of consumers’ movements to determine the best time of day to reach them.

Smart billboards are not just gaining deeper insights into consumers’ movements. For the December Tracker’s cover story, PYMNTS spoke with Dan Levi, chief marketing officer of Clear Channel Outdoor America, about RADAR, the company’s smart billboard program, and how it is impacting the way consumers interact with their preferred brands and products.

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