New RBC Mobile App Allows Clients To Make Money Transfers With Siri

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is now offering its personal banking customers the opportunity to make money transfers through their checking accounts using Siri.

A press release announced the new service, which will be available through the RBC mobile app for iPhone and iPad. Once a client gives the voice command (“Siri, send Jane $20”), Siri will confirm the name from a payee list, and the app automatically debits the client’s checking account and sends the payment, with the transaction protected by TouchID.

RBC has been offering free person-to-person money transfer services for checking account clients since last year.

“It’s our goal to continue to be part of the everyday mobile experiences of our clients by adding more convenient and seamless ways to send money and bank with RBC,” said Sean Amato-Gauci, executive VP, Digital, Payments and Cards, RBC. “Building on the explosive growth of our free person-to-person payments products, we’re excited to provide the ability for our clients to now send free money transfers from their checking accounts using Siri.”

The Siri feature was developed by RBC Digital Innovation Lab, which has partnered with academia, FinTechs and RBC clients to foster new ideas that will make banking an easier and more enjoyable experience. RBC plans to launch a range of new products this year.

“We are completely rethinking how we can deliver services, products and advice to our clients as we continue to focus on our strategy of being a digitally enabled relationship bank,” said Amato-Gauci. “We’re not only listening to our clients, we’re asking them to guide what we build and when. Our innovation labs allow us to work directly with our clients and provide us an opportunity to test and learn with consumer feedback.”