Gig Apps Enabling Crucial Workforce Connections In 2021

DoorDash App

In the humming world of gig apps, three variations dominate. There’s the platform model, where contractors create profiles and upload portfolios; we’ve got the on-demand type (think restaurant mobile order-ahead and day labor apps); and freelancer apps that may allow gig workers to classify themselves by vertical expertise or specialty. It’s a rich ecosystem.

Given the popularity of these apps during the financial freefall that was 2020, we’re not surprised to find things much as we left them last month as we turn to PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps.

Just a helpful note: You have to wait until the very end to observe the only change this month.

The Top Five

Once again, the DoorDash on-demand app takes No. 1, followed by Uber Driver at No. 2, which exited the self-driving car market late last year in a victory for human gig drivers. At No. 3 is the Instacart gig shopper app, with freelance app Fiverr steady at No. 4, after reporting that spend per buyer was up 20 percent to $195 in 2020. Finishing the Top 5 at No. 5 is Amazon Flex.

The Top 10

Moving on, Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) keeps working at No. 6, as does the crowdsourced Freelancer app at No. 7, and ditto for the ubiquitous Grubhub, holding at No. 8.

Ready for the only change to the new PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps?

The app of rideshare giant Lyft rises one spot to No. 9 in the latest measure, pushing the nimble TaskRabbit freelance labor app down one position to No. 10, completing this ranking.