Zomato’s Hot Streak Continues in This Month’s Aggregator Ranking

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Grubhub turns its luck around in the latest edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Aggregators.

The ranking leverages a proprietary combination of publicly available information as well as app usage data to which PYMNTS has access to evaluate which aggregators are winning the game and which are struggling to keep up.

The Top 5

DoorDash is again at No. 1, though its score continues to slip. After falling from the maximum-possible 100 to 98 last time, the aggregator’s score declined further to 95.

Uber Eats again takes the silver, coming in at No. 2 and retaining its score of 90 points.

Just Eat, which pulled ahead of Instacart last time to take the bronze, held onto its gains, remaining at No. 3 and keeping its score of 85.

Instacart similarly stayed at No. 4, its score once again coming in at 84. However, where last time the grocery aggregator was the sole fourth-place pick, this time it is joined at No. 4 by Indian’s Zomato, which continues its months-long streak of score improvements, gaining three points on top of the previous month’s six.

Consequently, Swiggy cracked the top five, rising one spot to come in at No. 5 with its score remaining at 79.

The Top 10

Deliveroo, similarly, was bumped up a spot to No. 6 as its score held steady at 77.

So too did SkipTheDishes rise a spot while its score remained the same, ranking No. 7 with 73 points.

Keeping with the trend, Glovo rose one spot to No. 8 while its score remained at 72.

Grubhub too was able to reverse its months-long trend of falling in the ranks, hopping up a spot to No. 9 as its score held at 70.

Eking its way into the top 10, Menulog closes out the ranking at No. 10 with a score of 68.

Check back next month to see if Zomato can keep picking up steam or if it’s finally hit its ceiling in the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Aggregators.