Netflix Goes Pay As You Watch…In The UK

Netflix UK has just changed who can binge watch – and how they’ll pay – with the release of the prepaid Netflix card.

The card works in much the same way an iTunes or Amazon gift card would.

With the Netflix Card, however, the company has just introduced a new pay-as-you-go option, allowing you to continue sampling the service beyond the free trial or enjoy your favorite films and TV shows without the added hassle.

Similar to gift cards for Amazon, Google Play or iTunes, Netflix’s Card comes in £15, £25 and £50 credit (~$25, ~$40 and ~$80) which can be redeemed via a unique code on the back. The cards can be used against SD Netflix, HD Netflix and Netflix 4D (super, ultra mega high-def).

Interestingly, the card amounts actually don’t match up all that well with the cost per month of Netflix. It is almost like they want to keep leaving you with a little left over on the card so you go get another one. Imagine that.

This does seem to be a new customer generation tool, as the cards are not an option for those who already have a monthly subscription. The card is already on sale at various U.K. retailers, with more expected to start in the next few months.

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