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T-Mobile’s Consumer Tax Filing Bonus

In a push to get customer dollars deposited on their pre-paid product, T-Mobile CEO John Legere used Twitter to announce that customers who elect to have their income tax refund directly deposited to their T-Mobile Visa Prepaid Card will get a $20 credit.  The Mobile Money tax offer will run from January 14th until April 30th, 2015.

The campaign seems to be pitched to unbanked and unhappily banked consumers, offering up as a primary value the speed and ease of an electronic refund over a paper-based one.

“Plus, customers can get access to their tax refund faster than a traditional paper check refund. It’s free, fast and a more secure – and more lucrative – way to get your tax refund this year.”

T-Mobile launched Mobile Money about a year ago.  The service was pitched as an easier and cheaper way to bank.  The company’s prepaid debit works like a regular (bank-backed) debit product. Consumers also have a host of online banking options through the company’s Mobile Money App.

There are no monthly maintenance fees and no reload fees at T-Mobile stores.

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