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E2open App Now Drummond Certified

B2B firm E2open, which sells cloud services for collaborative planning and execution across global trading networks, has announced it that the latest release of E2 Cloud Connectivity has been Drummond Certified in the AS2‐3Q14 automated interoperability test event.

Drummond Group named E2open’s product as one of 19 newly certified products, the company said. E2open participated in this vendor‐neutral test event held across multiple time zones during the third quarter of 2014.

The company said that Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is one of the most widely renowned messaging standards for B2B E‐commerce, with thousands of global implementations. AS2 enables B2B gateways to connect, deliver and reply to all forms of data (including EDI and XML) securely and reliably, thus delivering cost savings and providing flexibility and control on how the data is used. AS2 is broadly adopted among the world’s major retailers and manufacturers, and is one of several protocol standards built into the foundation of the E2open Business Network. By removing the barriers to collaboration, and allowing for the exchange of information in a simple, secure and reliable manner, the E2open Business Network enables complete visibility and the rapid onboarding of trading partners worldwide.

“As supply chains stretch across the globe, the ability to collaborate in real time and to better connect with trading partners within a trusted business network is critical for today’s leading organizations. Interoperable B2B integration solutions, such as E2open’s, form the foundation of this powerful level of global connectivity,” said Ian Hedges, Vice President, Platform, E2open. “In the AS2‐3Q14 test event, we once again validated conformance to the base AS2 protocol specification and our previously supported optional profiles, and also added two new optional profiles to test against: Reliability and Restart. By adding support for these two optional profiles, the E2open Business Network is now able to exchange very large messages consisting of gigabytes of information with network participants with an assurance of ‘once, and only once’ delivery. We are pleased to have yet again earned the Drummond Certified seal.”


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