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Hewlett-Packard To Split In Two, Focus On Enterprise

PC and technology conglomerate Hewlett-Packard is set to become two separate companies on Nov. 1 of this year, and one half of that split will be targeted towards enterprise solutions.

According to reports from Forbes on Tuesday (June 23), Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will emerge from the company overhaul, but already the venture is facing criticism that it is merely a business solutions firm. Reports note that a significant portion of that criticism stems from HP Enterprise rivals IBM and Oracle, which highlight HP’s long history of hardware, not horizontal services.

But the HP Discover 2015 conference, held in Las Vegas earlier this month, revealed that the company has taken steps to make its horizontal solutions services game more robust. And, according to reports, HP is likely to prove its critics wrong.

“Hewlett-Packard’s new push isn’t just about messaging or marketing,” Forbes wrote. “There’s something here like real services, software and products.”

As outlined by HP during the event, its new enterprise unit will focus on the so-called Idea Economy to meet the IT needs of businesses today. To begin, the company said it would be focusing on four major areas: hybrid infrastructure, digital enterprise, data-driven organization and workplace productivity.

Reports explored each of these areas in anticipation of HP Enterprise’s launch. Hybrid infrastructure will focus on helping businesses adopt the infrastructure necessary for cloud computing tools, as well as to maximize their existing infrastructure to get the most value out of it.

Digital enterprise focuses on the security of businesses’ data, providing security threat detection, data backup and data recovery services. Data-driven organization further enhances HP’s future Big Data services, in this aspect through providing data analytics and support. And lastly, workplace productivity will focus on providing companies with the support to digitize and mobilize their operations.

According to reports, HP is set to release further details about the new HP Enterprise later this week.



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