Today In B2B Payments: Machias Eyes Smaller FIs’ Biz Card Opportunity; SYSPRO Launches B2B eCommerce Solution

Today in B2B payments: Machias Savings Bank discusses the commercial card opportunity for smaller banks, and SYSPRO launches a B2B eCommerce solution. Plus, Timerack discusses time tracking’s role in payroll security, Pollen VC expands funding for game developers and India’s ICICI debuts new corporate banking products.

Democratizing The Commercial Card For SMBs And Small Banks

Time Tracking Tech Finds Its Role In Payroll Security

With payroll innovations targeting early wage access and combating fraud, time tracking solutions are finding a new role in setting up those payroll workflows for success. Timerack CEO Adam Day tells PYMNTS about how technology like biometrics can safeguard employer financials and tackle friction for workers.

SYSPRO Debuts B2B eCommerce Tools For Manufacturers

Pollen VC Expands Credit Access For Game Developers

Mobile game developers will have more access to credit under a new plan by FinTech Pollen VC, a press release said. Game developers will now be able to borrow up to four times what their games make every month in revenue. The access to capital comes from a revolving credit facility, which lets developers boost their marketing without relying on loans based on actual revenue and without raising additional investment funds.

India’s ICICI Bank Launches New Corporate Banking Products

Mumbai-based ICICI Bank has announced what it is calling “ICICI STACK for Corporates” — a set of packaged banking services tailored for more than 15 distinct industries. ICICI is among India’s leading private-sector banks, with strong presences in insurance, asset management, securities brokerage services and private equity. ICICI Bank states in its marketing materials that it operates in 15 countries.

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