SYSPRO Debuts B2B eCommerce Tools For Manufacturers

ERP software provider SYSPRO is rolling out a new way for businesses to set up online shops, a press release says.

The SYSPRO Online Business Pack comes with numerous new features from SYSPRO and its partners.

The new features include cloud-based services from Avalara, which will help to automate tax compliance. There will be a content and catalog management web solution that can handle B2B and B2C transactions from Nomad, which will also be mobile-ready. And from Payment Solutions for SYSPRO, there will be payment processing services, which the release says will support major credit and debit cards, gift cards, ACH transactions and EBT and check verification services.

It also integrates with SYSPRO ERP, the release notes.

SYSPRO did a survey last year and found that 60 percent of respondents had issues with the supply chains being disrupted during the pandemic.

And 70 percent of companies were looking at ways to expand into online sales because of that, the survey found, intending to get into eCommerce to help survive the pandemic while people weren’t going outside as much.

One of the changes that came of that, according to SYSPRO, was that the supply chain was being shortened and companies were instead selling to the users directly.

“Increasingly, manufacturers have started adopting new digital selling models, resulting in the accelerated adoption of eCommerce,” said Scott Hebert, Chief Sales Officer and Interim CEO, SYSPRO USA. “The SYSPRO Online Business Pack provides SYSPRO ERP customers with a pre-integrated solution to sell online, keeping sales, inventory, and other critical information in a single source of truth for the enterprise. By integrating a customer touchpoint directly into the SYSPRO ERP system, manufacturers can essentially expand the supply chain outside of their business and adapt their business model to remain resilient.”

SYSPRO Vice President Alliances Sanjay Ejantkar recently said smaller companies have to get more proactive in how they deal with choosing payment processors. He said picking the first processor that comes along could end up resulting in lesser capabilities and gaps in services.