BizPay, Arcadier Form B2B BNPL Partnership

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Australian FinTech BizPay has formed a partnership with Arcadier, a global marketplace Software-as-a-Service (Saas) provider.

As WhaTech reported Tuesday (April 12), the partnership lets Arcadier’s enterprise clients offer BizPay for all their B2B payments, so that clients can spread their invoice costs over installments. BizPay, meanwhile, gets to broaden its pool of businesses and further its goal of easing the cash flow burdens of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“Cash flow is king for SMEs and the constant chasing of invoices is distracting them from running their business,” said BizPay Global CEO David Price. “By partnering with Arcadier, we can now offer even more financial flexibility and freedom in our core markets of Australia and the US: allowing them to maintain their business flow and concentrating on unleashing their business’ full potential.”

Arcadier CEO Dinuke Ranasinghe said BizPay will allow his company’s clients to feel safe and supported, giving them access to marketplaces to grow their businesses at speed.

According to its website, BizPay allows clients to split bills into four monthly installments, and also receive 100% invoice funding in 24 hours to grow their businesses without worrying about cash flow constraints.

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Already popular with consumers, the buy now, pay later (BNPL) installment payment method has begun to gain favor with businesses that are seeking ways to manage their purchasing while improving cash flow.

While so-called “net terms” are nothing new in the B2B world, some of the qualities of BNPL have caught on in that space, Dan Zimmerman, chief product and information officer at TreviPay, told PYMNTS last year.

“I think the first impact we’ve seen from BNPL, and how B2C is influencing B2B, is that it’s driving this change in expectations that net terms should act a lot more like BNPL — real time, digital, fast, easy,” he said. “The new expectations of net terms or direct bills as referred to in B2B are getting changed by BNPL from B2C.”