Shopping Cart Abandonment: The Silent Revenue Killer

On Tuesday, October 20 , at 1:00 PM (EST), Nick Craig, VP of Sales, CA Technologies, will chat live with MPD CEO Karen Webster to discuss streamlining the checkout process to combat shopping cart abandonment.

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Facilitating secure transactions is critical in today’s eCommerce world, but what if those same security measures are hurting the shopping experience of customers?


Shopping cart abandonment is on the rise – often fueled by complicated checkout processes or card security issues – with research showing more than $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be left behind in online shopping carts in this year alone. On Tuesday, October 20, at 1:00 PM (EST), Nick Craig, VP of Sales, CA Technologies, will chat live with MPD CEO Karen Webster to discuss streamlining the checkout process to combat shopping cart abandonment. This will be Part 1 of a 3-part webinar series. Part 2 will address how and why fraud attacks are happening, and Part 3 will focus on how to handle payment disputes.


Want to grab your piece of that $4 Trillion pie? Then tune in this digital discussion to learn:

1. How to offer a zero-touch authentication and an improved customer experience.

2. How merchants and issuers are successfully collaborating security and customer experience.

3. How to address the 63 percent of potentially recoverable merchandise that will be abandoned in shopping carts this year.


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Nick Craig

 VP of Sales, CA Technologies

With an impressive amount of experience in SaaS and enterprise security software systems, Nick is currently responsible for working with clients globally to provide innovative solutions to the payment industry. He has in-depth knowledge in current online payment authentication schemes and possesses expertise on using advanced models and dynamic, bank-defined rules to help card issuers fight fraud in real time while providing a frictionless checkout experience for genuine cardholders. Nick has held several management roles in EMEA, including 9 years with IBM with responsibility on IBM software portfolios. He previously ran CA Digital Payments in EMEA at Arcot (acquired by CA Technologies), the leader in securing 3D Secure eCommerce transactions.





Karen Webster

CEO, Market Platform Dynamics 

Karen Webster is one of the world’s leading experts on payments, commerce and retail innovation and a strategic advisor to CEOs and Boards of multinational players in those sectors. As CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, she works extensively with the most innovative players in the payments, financial services, mobile, retail, B2B, digital media and technology sectors to help them maximize the value of their platform assets, design disruptive new business models and ignite and monetize new innovation. Karen also serves as a member of the advisory board for several emerging companies.