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Temu Gains Following Among Older eCommerce Shoppers 


Temu has reportedly defied expectations by attracting a significant number of baby boomers and Generation X shoppers in the United States. 

Contrary to its reputation as a platform for younger consumers, the Chinese eCommerce app’s first year of operation in the U.S. has seen older shoppers frequenting the app more often and spending more money than their younger counterparts, Bloomberg reported Tuesday (Jan. 23), citing data from research firm Attain

Temu’s most loyal shoppers are individuals aged 59 and older, with baby boomers placing approximately six orders over 12 months, according to the report. This is twice as many orders as Gen Z shoppers aged 18 to 26. 

Attain attributes Temu’s appeal to more mature shoppers to its diverse product mix and attractive discounts, the report said. Brian Mandelbaum, CEO of Attain, suggested that boomers and Gen Xers appreciate the variety of products available on Temu and the potential for savings. 

Owned by PDD Holdings, Temu entered the U.S. market in late 2022 and rapidly became one of the most downloaded apps, per the report. The company’s aggressive advertising strategy, including a splashy Super Bowl commercial and targeted Facebook ads, has helped it gain traction. 

Temu, alongside Shein and TikTok Shop, offers consumers an alternative to Amazon, offering significant discounts on a wide range of products in exchange for longer delivery times, according to the report. 

The app’s accessible nature appeals to older individuals who may be less technologically savvy, Wendy Woloson, a consumer culture historian at Rutgers University-Camden, said in the report. 

Temu’s site is intuitive, presenting a wide array of goods in a single view, Woloson said, per the report. Additionally, Temu incorporates gamification elements into the shopping experience. Users can spin a roulette wheel to win discounts and free prizes, and they are rewarded for referrals. 

The launch of Temu in the U.S. marked the first major overseas expansion of the online shopping site, PYMNTS reported in September 2022. 

By the time of the debut of its Super Bowl ads in February 2023, the app was increasingly popular and rising in the ranks of players in the fast-fashion category.