EU Merchants Offer WeChat Pay To China’s Shoppers

WeChat Pay will be available for European merchants

Wirecard will add more options for Chinese customers looking for eCommerce as they integrate the WeChat Pay option to help people pay faster, according to a press release.

European merchants will now have the option to add the payment method, and Chinese customers will be able to look at either the website or the app for those services.

For European sellers angling to break into the Chinese marketplace, the solution will have an appeal, according to the release. The idea also comes with logistics and customs support, along with training so merchants can work out any kinks and begin working as soon as possible.

Those who choose to use Wirecard’s new services will find WeChat Pay added to the screen where they can pay, and when users choose to pay via that option, they’ll be redirected to the app or mobile site and be able to pay faster than before.

The press release touts the smooth flow of the pay as a benefit, and, for merchants, easy integration into various website infrastructures. The new offering is also expected to drive up conversion rates and customer satisfaction for Chinese customers, according to the release. Wirecard will add all payment methods and supporting merchants with the addition.

The company also plans to offer virtual seminars to teach people about how to use the new integration program.

Christian Reindl, executive vice president of Sales Retail at Wirecard, said the company’s history with Chinese markets allowed it the opportunity to go forward with the deal, adding that he hoped to see more merchants coming on board.

WeChat Pay, which comes with the WeChat social media service primarily used in China, is owned by Tencent Holdings, which last year partnered with Network International to bring the service to the United Arab Emirates. Network International, the biggest acquirer of merchants for UAE, said it was committed to striding forward with technological innovations.