Square Launches Mobile Restaurant POS Platform

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Square debuted a set of solutions for restaurants Thursday (May 19), which will reportedly allow for better tableside service and order management.

The solution comes from the company’s experience serving restaurants over the past decade, and according to a company blog post, the solutions will help restaurants — especially full-service ones — improve their bottom line and boost efficiency.

The new Square for Restaurants mobile POS offers servers the power of its all-in-one restaurant point of service (POS), allowing servers to take orders more easily. The blog noted that restaurants making use of Square for Restaurants have had better success dealing with lots of tables.

The mobile POS runs on two handheld devices, the Square terminal and the Restaurant Mobile POS kit, which hasn’t been released yet.

“We’re seeing a lot of additional efficiency in our operations with Square for Restaurants mobile POS because our staff are spending more time on the floor rather than out of reach putting in orders,” Frankie DiCarlantonio, owner of Scaffidi Restaurant Group, said in the announcement.

“With the layout of our restaurant, Square for Restaurants mobile POS is saving a lot of physical steps, which has increased staff satisfaction and alleviated some of the stress on their positions. Alcohol sales also rose by 22% and we have seen voids due to out of stock items decline by 57%.”

This isn’t the only improvement Square is debuting for restaurants. The company also recently bought GoParrot, a digital ordering and market platform for restaurants which lets them connect more easily with customers through omnichannel solutions.

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This will let Square sellers access a customer experience that can be customized in the app by merchants, and the app will also allow buyers to place orders and look into top-selling items and deal pop-ups.

Meanwhile, Square said restaurants will be able to boost buyer retention, with customers able to track loyalty rewards from their phones.