Cyber Monday (By The Numbers)

Black Friday (and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Thanksgiving) get all the press as far as holiday retail goes, but as the holiday shopping extravaganza drew closer in 2016, the question that began circulating was actually about Cyber Monday and if it would manage to surpass and become the main event itself.

And as it turns out, a lot of commerce got done yesterday while millions of Americans were ostensibly getting back to work.

Amazon — the eCommerce giant that arguably invented Cyber Monday — reported having a particularly good day (capping off an extremely good weekend). Amazon said orders via its mobile app are on pace to surpass those from Cyber Monday last year, and sales could well be record-breaking.

Though Amazon was loath to disclose a lot of hard numbers — as is its custom — it did note that the Amazon Echo has been the site’s leading seller during the holiday weekend and that toy sales were an early winner on Cyber Monday — especially something called the “Pie Face Showdown Game” by Hasbro, which was apparently the best-selling toy of the day.

So, it was a big day, but was it big enough to beat back Black Friday as the holiday season’s main shopping event?

Well, by the numbers:

$3.39 Billion | The total estimated sales brought in during the Cyber Monday shopping rush (according to Adobe’s early data).

$3.34 Billion | Black Friday’s total one-day haul, according to Adobe. So, yes, Cyber Monday did edge out Black Friday.

$540 Million | The amount of money that had already been spent online, according to Adobe, as of the end of Cyber Monday morning.

154 Million | The number of online shoppers who braved the eCommerce sites during the holiday shopping weekend — that is a 3 million human pick-up from last year’s 151 million.

2 million | The number of toys Amazon had sold by the end of the first half of Cyber Monday.

$289.19 | Average spend per customer during the holiday shopping weekend — that is down from $299.60 in 2015.

82% | The amount that social media mentions of Cyber Monday dropped in 2016.

2–7 | The number of days “Cyber Monday” is lasting this year. Many stores are offering deals into Tuesday, and players like Macy’s and Target are celebrating what they are calling Cyber Week.



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