Google’s Newfound Passion For Fashion

Is Google stepping into the fashion game?

Google apparently wants in on the fashion shopping business, too.

The search engine giant is testing out a new AdWords feature called Shop the Look that lets those using its search engine view photos of outfits posted by fashion bloggers and other influencers, while including links that will allow them to buy those same outfits or fashion accessories online.

This could be an interesting foray for Google into the buy buttons category, throwing maybe the internet’s most prominent search engine into easily accessible, fashionable and stylish content promoted through popular influencers as a way to engage its users and allow them to shop for products on its own platform rather than taking them to another destination.

According to TechCrunch, this new feature might also help Google steal search results from popular sites that feature images as the first thing to appear, like, say, Instagram or maybe even Facebook.

Since Google also plans to integrate Shop the Look with its Shopping section, retailers and brands who want to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this will theoretically be able to create ads behind the products and images that show up in these search results.

Shop the Look works when a Google user searches for a particular fashion term, like “blue dress,” and then Google’s search engine pulls in results from the most popular images of dresses from social influencers that most match the description of the term searched. From there, users can tap on the images to produce a gallery with the individual wardrobe items in the picture available for purchase.