Google Pushes Its Shopping List To The Forefront

The battle of brick-and-mortar versus eCommerce has been a strong one over the past few years. With more connected devices making it simpler for consumers to shop online, the convenience of purchasing items from the couch is likely going to continue to become a more attractive route for shoppers.

As such, it should come as no surprise that search giant Google wants a piece of the eCommerce pie. It just announced the company’s decision to move its Google Assistant’s Shopping List from its Google Keep app into its Google Express app on the home page. In an effort to compete on a higher eCommerce level with the likes of Amazon, Google Express shared that it’s waiving delivery fees for any items purchased via Google Home for the rest of the month.

With this move and Google’s 50+ retail partners, this is the latest effort by the search company to move into a new space outside of its proprietary function. After Google’s no-so-successful attempt at becoming the next Facebook with Google+, there are already people complaining about the Shopping List move.