Audi Offshoot Offers First ‘In-Car Virtual Reality Experience’

Audi Company Offers In-Car Virtual Reality

To provide what has been described as the world’s first “in-car virtual reality experience,” Holoride has collaborated with Universal Pictures and Ford. The software firms’ technology is used by gaming partners like Disney for virtual experiences that simulate a vehicle’s movements. Passengers wear headsets to experience a virtual environment, the Financial Times reported. 

According to the report, Holoride Chief Executive Nils Wollny said he aims to transform the passenger experience from “Are we there yet?” to “Do I have to stop now?”

The company, which is an offshoot of luxury carmaker Audi, takes vehicle data – such as steering angle, GPS, navigation route and acceleration forces – and leverages them to create a real-time, virtual environment.

If a car accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour and turns a corner, for example, the passenger has the same experience, but in an alternative simulated environment. According to the report, the synchronicity of the movements is intended to prevent the nausea that riders commonly experience when reading or watching video in a vehicle.

Holoride is giving the public a chance to try its product for the first time through the assistance of Rewind and Universal Pictures, which created a virtual experience based on the Bride of Frankenstein film from 1935. Those who sign up can take a Halloween-themed trip in a 2020 Ford Explorer.  

In separate news, virtual reality (VR) could enable more retailers to reach more consumers in the coming few years, in large part by upping the consumer experience. According to past reports, VR is expected to generate $1.8 billion for retail and marketing in the year 2022, with revenues from VR initiatives expected to rise by 3,000 percent over the four years to come. The number of VR users more than doubled last year, growing to 171 million from 85 million.