Target Launches Everspring Household Brand


To reach consumers on the hunt for offerings that are “clean and natural,” Target rolled out its Everspring household brand. The line includes products such as dish soap, paper towels and laundry detergent, CNBC reported.

Christina Hennington, a senior vice president and general merchandise manager at the retailer, said per the report that it had “taken over a year” to bring the household brand to fruition. “From the sourcing to the packaging … we had to do it right, Hennington said. “We hired the right expertise to make sure the chemical quality was up to expectations.”

The selections, which are made from recycled materials as well as natural fibers or are biobased, are priced between $2.79 and $11.99. They will also come with a “Target Clean” symbol, which is new and shows an item is not made with chemicals like propylparaben or sodium laureth sulfate. At the same time, the products tap into natural fragrances to create combinations of scents such as bergamot and lavender. In addition, the items are not tested using animals.

The news comes as Target getting into the toiletry market by preparing to launch a brand of consumer products dubbed Smartly. The retailer was to roll out over 70 products ranging from dish soap to toilet paper per reports last year. Target’s chief merchandising officer, Mark Tritton, told The Wall Street Journal last year, “It’s about showing people that I don’t have to go to Aldi or I don’t have to go to Dollar General to find what I’m looking for.”

Target told the paper that Smartly products are being priced on average around 70 percent less than traditional brands such as Procter & Gamble’s Gillette, Tide and Charmin lines. The outlet also noted that the items are sold in small quantities to catch the interest of General Z and millennial consumers who are just starting out and aren’t interested in buying in bulk. Target research has shown, according to the report, that these consumers aren’t as loyal to specific brands as older shoppers.