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LinkedIn Adds Independent Creators’ Content to Its Advertising Options

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LinkedIn reportedly entered the influencer marketing business with last week’s launch of an offering that lets advertisers pay to amplify posts from independent creators.

These new Thought Leader ads present an opportunity for brands to turn creators into brand ambassadors, as is commonly done on consumer apps like Instagram and TikTok, CNBC reported Friday (April 12).

This ad offering was introduced on a limited basis in 2023, allowing companies to amplify only posts of their own employees, according to the report. Last week, it was expanded, letting anyone boost a post, provided they have the author’s permission to do so.

LinkedIn currently holds about 4% of the influencer market, presenting an opportunity for growth at a time when the Microsoft-owned business has been seeing single-digit growth, the report said.

The platform has long been effective for advertisers because it allows them to target those in specific roles — such as finance or human resources — to promote their business products and services, per the report.

The new ads featuring employees or creators have proven to be especially successful at building engagement because they stand out from other sorts of ads, humanize a brand and in some cases bring the creator’s existing audience to the brand, according to the report.

While LinkedIn ads tend to be more expensive than those on other platforms, because of its affluent user base, companies determine where to advertise by the leads they generate, the report said.

To help build the new ad offering, LinkedIn will soon make it easier for members to find a library of a company’s Thought Leader ads — a feature that will also help advertisers see which ads are working best, per the report. The business is also looking into developing a process for connecting media buyers with the agencies that represent creators.

In another recent addition to the platform, LinkedIn announced a connected TV program on April 4. New advertising solutions here include LinkedIn Premiere, offering in collaboration with NBCUniversal, and Live Event Ads.

The business has also introduced artificial intelligence (AI) features that can scrutinize a job posting against a seeker’s resume to ascertain a potential match.