BlueVine Hires PayPal Exec As CCO

Silicon Valley FinTech startup BlueVine has named Brad Brodigan as chief commercial officer to oversee sales and other income-producing functions, the company said in a press release on Tuesday (Sept. 17).

Brodigan is a FinTech veteran with more than 25 years of executive and C-suite experience and a deep understanding of SMB challenges. Before BlueVine, he was COO of the digital payments firm DOSH. He was also a global leader at PayPal, providing technology-driven financial services to SMBs.

“As BlueVine continues to expand and grow, it’s mission-critical that we have the commercial leadership in place to take the business to even greater heights,” said CEO and Founder Eyal Lifshitz. “With over two decades of experience in driving operations and revenue at FinTech businesses focused on helping SMBs thrive, we are thrilled to have Brad join us on our journey to transform financial services for small businesses across the country.”

Brodigan holds a BA in Economics and Business from the Virginia Military Institute and lives in Danville, California.

“Growing up, my father owned and led several small businesses. I spent summers working different jobs learning the businesses getting to know the people and the customers,” said Brodigan. “Since then, I have built a career helping SMBs succeed financially. My passion for helping these business owners is as personal as it is fulfilling. I’m honored to join the BlueVine team and apply my expertise and passion for helping SMBs grow through critical stages in their lifecycle. These businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy.”

In April, BlueVine partnered with government procurement solutions portal GovQuote to connect vendors with working capital solutions. GovQuote, which connects government agencies to potential contractors and vendors, is connecting those suppliers with BlueVine working capital financing to support their entrance and expansion in the public market. With the partnership, GovQuote will target state, local and education (SLED) government agencies and their supplier pool.