Spotify Cancels 11 Podcasts, Trims Jobs

Spotify is canceling 11 of its original podcasts a move that will reportedly lead the streaming audio platform to lay off less than 5% of its staff in that category.

As Tech Crunch reported Thursday (Oct. 6), the decision will affect the studios Parcast and Gimlet, according to a source with knowledge of the matter. Some staff will be reassigned to other podcasts, the report said.

A spokesperson for Spotify told PYMNTS the company does not comment on staffing issues but confirmed that 11 podcasts would “wrap up” over the next few months.

“As we have several hundred current shows at any given time, extensions and cancellations are common and largely driven by which shows are connecting with audiences,” the spokesperson said. “This is similar to how renewals/cancellations work in other mediums such as television.”

Tech Crunch reported that the podcasts include “How to Save a Planet,” “Crime Show,” and “Every Little Thing,” on Gimlet, along with “Medical Murders,” “Female Criminals,” “Crimes of Passion,” “Dictator,” “Mythology,” “Haunted Places” and “Urban Legends” on Parcast.

Another podcast, “Horoscope Today,” is set to leave Spotify next year, the report said, noting that this is the first case of group cancellations by the company.

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The news came one day after Spotify announced it had acquired Kinzen, a content moderation company based in Ireland, as it looks to deal with hate speech on its platform.

Kinzen and Spotify have worked together since 2020, the company said in its announcement, noting that Kinzen’s technology is suited to Spotify’s podcasting and audio formats.

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Last month, Spotify added audiobooks to its streaming offerings, saying it was a move inspired by years of requests from customers.

The new format lets users in the U.S. buy and listen to more than 300,000 audiobook titles in a new interface designed for audiobooks.

“We’ve always believed that the potential for audio is limitless, and we’ve been saying for a while now that our ambition is to be the complete package for everyone’s listening needs,” said Nir Zicherman, Spotify’s vice president and global head of Audiobooks and Gated Content.