Toast Launches Payroll Software For Restaurants

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Restaurant management platform Toast has launched Toast Payroll & Team Management, a payroll and HR solution designed for the restaurant industry, the company said in a release.

The new service makes payroll easier by automating it, and it also streamlines onboarding and reduces compliance risk. If combined with Toast Point of Sale, the new product integration will let owners instantly onboard and manage employees, keep track of hours throughout all locations, and make sure everyone is paid accurately and on time.

Protein Bar & Kitchen, a restaurant with more than 250 employees and 19 locations in cities across the country, completely digitized onboarding with Toast, according to the release. It used the software to systematize payroll, and allowed managers more freedom to focus on their team, as opposed to the nuances of payroll management.

“We used to spend over 10 hours per week managing payroll and auditing hours worked for our team of more than 250 employees,” said Kevin McTigue, senior finance manager at Protein Bar & Kitchen. “With the addition of Toast Payroll & Team Management, we reduced the time spent on payroll runs by up to 60 percent. In addition, we streamlined onboarding and eliminated paperwork so our front-line managers can focus on developing their teams and delivering a great guest experience.”

Toast Payroll & Team Management was designed for restaurants of all sizes, and it has a smart and robust set of features designed to make it easier for restaurants to recruit, onboard, manage and pay employees.

When it comes to employee onboarding, the software eliminates paperwork, reduces the risk of errors and automates the whole process.

Hours are automatically tracked through the Toast Point of Sale machine, including blended overtime. With programmed compliance, owners can easily navigate state-specific tax law, mandatory break laws and other compliance concerns.

The system is also meant to help with team development, and users can track applicants and performance, as well as recruit, manage and develop employees all from a single system.

“In an increasingly tight labor market, workforce management is a key challenge that keeps the collective restaurant industry up at night. In fact, almost two-thirds of Toast customers listed this as their top challenge in the 2018 Toast Restaurant Success Report,” said Steve Fredette, president and co-founder of Toast. “Building on our deep knowledge of the restaurant industry, Toast Payroll & Team Management provides a single system for recruiting, onboarding, managing, and paying teams.”


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