New Shopping App Provider Ranking Shows Big Changes in Just One Month

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There’s an old song — ancient, really — that croons, “What a difference a day makes.”

As applied to PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps, it’s a month, not a day, but what a difference. We’re never caught off guard around here, but this month’s chart is a doozy.

Big brands have vanished. Others long absent from this ranking have reappeared.

There’s a trend afoot, and it’s not clear what it is yet. Let’s see what the charts have to say.

The Top 5

The strange saga of the SHEIN fast-fashion app continues as this brand dominated this ranking for over a year, consistently ranking at No. 1, then tumbling in recent months. Now SHEIN is back at No. 1, rising two chart positions in the process.

It’s impressive, considering the competition.

To retake No. 1, SHEIN had to push past nothing short of Amazon, which dropped a spot to No. 2.

It also slipped by the Walmart app, which has now dropped a spot to No. 3.

AliExpress is chill at No. 4. No change here.

It’s the same story at No. 5, with Nike keeping its Jordan’s firmly planted in the Top 5.

The Top 10

There’s a two-alarm fire below the Top 5 line that ends in a tie.

Rising one chart position each to tie at No. 6 are the eBay and Fetch Rewards apps, which have been tracking closely for the past couple of cycles.

The Etsy app seems happy where it is at No. 7 where we left it last month. So be it.

Ring a bell or blow a horn, because we’ve got a few returnees to talk about.

First up at No. 8, it’s the Joom app, not seen on these rankings in a few cycles. Welcome back.

Likewise, we have the Poshmark app popping back up at No. 9 like it never left.

Welcoming back another alum we haven’t seen in a bit, it’s the Mercari app, taking the No. 10 chart position and closing out this edition of the Provider Ranking of Shopping Apps.

Until next time, shop wisely. Use apps.