Elavon Launches Digital Commerce Tools For SMBs

Elavon, the payments provider, announced Tuesday (April 25) that it now offers two digital eCommerce tools that create unique online customer experiences.

In a press release, Elavon said the two new tools, Converge Digital Commerce with 3dcart and Online Ordering with talech, will help small businesses — including clothing shops and restaurants — meet the increasing shift by consumers to online channels, including for payments.

Elavon said it teamed up with 3dcart, a leading shopping cart software provider, to offer an online storefront to businesses looking to create or reinvent an online shopping experience. It helps create a dynamic, customer-friendly site with more than 100 customizable, mobile-ready store themes and an intuitive dashboard with built-in marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as merchandise shipping and return updates.

“Shopping online or by a mobile device has become easier than ever, and businesses of all sizes should have an opportunity to compete against larger competitors,” said Wally Mlynarski, head of Global Product and Innovation for Elavon in the press release. “By partnering with 3dcart, we offer businesses the tools to seamlessly create an easy-to-use online and mobile presence that attracts new customers and keeps them coming back for more. And because 3dcart is integrated with our Converge payment platform, customers are ready to accept payments once the store is live.”

Elavon said it also added an online ordering option to its talech tablet, point-of-sale system. The solution is aimed at family and independent restaurant owners looking for new ways to increase revenue without causing customer frustration, such as longer ordering lines or wait times.

Customers place their order through the restaurant’s website via a desktop or mobile device, select the pick-up time, choose a payment option and confirm the order. Restaurants immediately receive the order and begin preparations for the pick-up time. Customers will receive automatic updates when the order is accepted, prepared and ready, Elavon said. “Data shows that technology options offered by restaurants are important for many consumers, and we recognized the need to offer online ordering so our customers could compete with the bigger restaurant chains,” said the executive in the news release.