Just Say To Pay

The How We Will Pay Brief Series is part of the How We Will Pay study, a PYMNTS and Visa collaboration, and asks consumers a variety of questions about specific behavioral patterns, buying habits and shopping preferences related to connected commerce. Detailed analyses of the study's findings are listed in full in the report. The study was conducted among a panel of approximately 5,050 users aged 18 or older within the United States. In the 2019 edition, we build upon the findings from our 2018 analysis, mapping the evolution of connected consumer spending habits. 
Inside the brief:
  • 37 percent: Share of bridge millennials who own both smartphones and voice-activated speakers
  • 49 percent: Portion of consumers who own voice-enabled devices who would like to be able to pay automatically at restaurants
  • 37 percent: Share of consumers who own voice-activated speakers who use them to make purchases