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Today in Data: Mobile Features and Launches

Mobile has essentially become one of the major backbones of the retail industry over the last few years. With 44 percent of the world’s population owning a smartphone and a predicted 6.1 billion smartphones to be in existence by 2020, it’s no wonder mobile companies are constantly adding on new features and launching new enhanced phones.

The mobile industry is making it easier and easier for its audience to seamlessly work smartphones into their lives. In today’s news, Apple adds facial recognition for flat surfaces, Samsung launches a new Galaxy S8 phone and Verizon ups its loyalty reward program game.

Here are the numbers:

4,000 mAh | Size of the Galaxy S8 Active battery, which allows for a longer time away from charging

$850 | Cost of Samsung's new Galaxy S8 Active

$300 | Threshold amount of money Verizon users need to spend to get loyalty rewards

60 days | Time period Verizon users can spend their rewards after earning

8 | iPhone now enabled with biometrics features to unlock devices with facial recognition

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