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Today In Data: Welcome To The Future

The way people do business day-to-day is changing faster than many companies can keep up with. The shopping experience, ordering food, and how people pay for it all seem to be in constant flux, with customers’ expectations equally fickle.

Here’s how some big players are setting up to shift the goalposts even more in the coming years – by the numbers:

6 million + | Retail workers at risk of replacement by robots over the next 10 years, according to a new study by Cornerstone Capital Group. The change will likely start with cashiers.

63% | Millennials looking to achieve the amount of savings or income necessary to live their desired lifestyle, which drastically differs from most (55 percent) Gen Xers and baby boomers, who are saving to leave the workforce.

$2,000 | Per-coin value of Bitcoin as of May 22, perhaps signaling a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency.

13 | Standalone Forever 21 stores (dubbed “Riley Rose”) to open in the next two years, giving the brand an opportunity to pilot a new experience for tech-savvy millennial shoppers.

3.4% | Dip in GrubHub stocks after Facebook announced its new “Order Food” button. GrubHub stocks have since recovered from the hit, but the food delivery sector is likely to remain in upheaval as new players and technologies continue to change the game.


Featured PYMNTS Study:

More than 63 percent of merchant service providers (MSPs) want to overhaul their core payment processing systems so they can up their value-added services (VAS) game. It’s tough, though, since many of these systems date back to the pre-digital era. In the January 2020 Optimizing Merchant Services Playbook, PYMNTS unpacks what 200 MSPs say is key to delivering the VAS agenda that is critical to their success.

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