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Second Looks And New Ideas

new ideas

Spring is the season for cleaning out the old and ushering in the new. And sometimes a new groove is just what a firm needs. Goldman Sachs and its explosion of loans through its Marcus platform is a case in point, as is the explosion of mobile order-ahead technology. Amazon Prime is no longer new, but Amazon sharing data on how many customers they have? That sure is. But for all the love of what is new, risk exists too. Cryptocurrency is new — and a bit distrusted by regulators. PSD2 is new(ish) and coming very soon, and yet it’s a change no one seems to be looking forward to.

$3 billion: What Goldman Sachs has issued in loans through its Marcus platform since its 2016 launch.

100 million+: The number of Amazon Prime subscribers.

57 percent: The share of restaurant apps that support mobile order-ahead.

17 months: The amount of time between now and when PSD2 security measures will go live.

13: The number of crypto firms currently under investigation by NY AG Eric Schneiderman.